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Cliff Stevens, Founder/President of Lokadot, LLC

“Your career transition doesn’t have to be this difficulty—this unwanted disruption. It can be a brand new door that’s open for you…”

Your whole life, you’ve been dreaming of doing this job.

You went to school, studied hard, passed the tests, got the credentials, made the connections, and landed the perfect position.

Except…now that you’re actually doing the dream job, it turns out that it’s not at all what you thought it would be.


You finally found a job you love—a job that’s a great fit for you—and then that job disappears. Suddenly you’re starting over again.

What are you supposed to do now?!?

6 Videos That Will Cheer You Up, Inspire You, or Maybe Even Change Your Life

Before I Die

How do you remember
what’s really important?

It’s stunning how just 6 well-invested minutes can transform you.

Once in a while I come across a video that breaks open my mind—or my heart—in the most wonderful way.

Each of the videos that follow has the power to create a huge shift in me and in many of my clients.

I turn to them for different reasons—when I need comfort; when I need to be brave; when I need to look beyond my own world; when I need to snap out of a pity party; when I want to get out of my head, get out of the future, and get out of the past, and just be right here in this day.

The next time you need a shift, give yourself a 6- to 22-minute gift and watch one of these videos.

How to Communicate with Confidence: Dealing with Sticking Points and Confidence Killers



Do you struggle to communicate with confidence?

Do networking and dating make you suuuuper-nervous or exhausted?

Are you intimidated by striking up conversations with new people?

Do you wonder how some people make it look so easy?

You are not alone.

For LOTS of us, talking to people can be scary!

But there’s no doubt about it: relationships are central to everything in our lives, and communication is central to every relationship.

That’s why one of the most important and fundamental steps you can take to improve your relationships, career, and your life is to be a confident, powerful, and effective communicator.

Good news! I just taught a free class on this subject, and I’m sharing it with you today.

It’s Not You—It’s Everyone

If They Only Knew...

If they only knew…

You’ve heard that dirty old dumping line: “It’s not you—it’s me.”

Well, today I’m here to tell you:

It’s not you—it’s everyone.

So many of my clients feel shame about some aspect of how, who, and what they are, or in something they have done.

I call these things the “If They Only Knews,” because many of us fear that if people only knew these things, they would know how mean, bad, selfish, and unlovable we really are.

Talking to Yourself: What Would You Say?

Boy with baseball mitt--Tim Massey

What would you say…to you?

Imagine you could go back in time (as the adult you are now) and sit down with your 6- to 18-year-old self. What age would you pick, and what would you say?

Write down your response to this question before reading on.

For real!



A few weeks ago, I asked everyone in our thirtyawesome community to share your answers to this question. I was inspired by your responses, and struck by the common threads that ran through answers that were sent in from so many different people.

Across the board, the responses centered around four main themes:

Take 5: Gratitude Edition

Gratitude isn’t a destination; it’s a practice. Here’s a brief, but powerful, exercise you can do to quickly tap into simple joy and appreciation.

Grab a pen and paper, or open up a new document, and take just 5 minutes to work through this brief—but potentially transformational—process.

From Lab to Garden to Car Lot to Massage Studio: Carrie Spaulding, CPC Interviews Diane Matkowski

Diane Matkowski

Diane Matkowski, LMT, HHC
Freedom Massage

“I had no idea what I was going to do…I had zero plan… Now I realize what a gift it was.” 

Meet Diane Matkowski. She has been a lab aide, a landscape gardener, a car salesperson, a massage therapist, and a business owner.

Join me as I talk to Diane about her multi-stop hop on a career path that led to opening her own business.

Are you thinking, “I could never do that!”?

Well, Diane had nooooo idea that would ever be possible for her, either.

The Tonsillectomy Technique: How to Get over Getting Over It

Tonsillectomy recovery

It hurts.

When I was 27, I had a tonsillectomy. After years of having horrible throat pain and other complications every time I had so much as a flicker of a cold, I finally saw an ENT who suggested I get the nasty things taken out.

He warned me that as procedures go, an adult tonsillectomy is “not pleasant.”

I nearly screamed, “I don’t care! Take them OUT!!!!!”

I was ready to put the years of tonsil torture behind me.

As it happened, in the couple of weeks before my tonsillectomy, I had fallen—hard—for someone I’d started to date.

This was one of those horse-before-the-cart deals; strongly encouraged by the signals I was seeing—and, yeah, okay, probably by some signals I wanted to see—I let myself fall way too fast.

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