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Check Out This Resource: FREE Expert Career Advice from Dr. Dawn Graham (featuring yours truly and other career experts)

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of returning as a guest on Career Talk, a call-in career advice program on SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School. The host of the show, Dr. Dawn Graham, is the Director of Career Management for the Executive MBA Program at Wharton AND an all-around awesome human. Here we are in the studio with producer Michelle Stucker!

Dawn, Michelle, and Carrie in studio

I highly recommend that every single one of my readers and clients check out this FREE resource. Whether you are facing challenges in your professional life, in the middle of a job transition, or feeling satisfied and successful but committed to continually growing in your career, this show is full of career advice and information for you. Far from being dry and boring, the show is FUN, often funny, and always enlightening—giving you new facts, ideas, and perspectives, and reminding you of things you know but need to hear again or in a different way.

Career Talk with Dawn and CarrieI love Dawn’s energy, quick-wittedness, and sense of humor, and I think you will too—we are definitely on the same wavelength, so if I resonate with you, it’s likely you’ll love Dawn.

The show is broadcast live on Thursdays at noon on Channel 111 on SiriusXM. You can listen to the many archived episodes on Soundcloud, or do what I do and listen/subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. Listen in (or call in live to ask a question!) to get advice on topics like negotiating salary, how to stand out in an interview, what to do about that gap in your resume, how to get started on a career change, and much more!

Listen to my latest guest appearance on Career Talk here.

And check out my first visit to Career Talk here.


You don’t have to struggle through your career quandaries alone. And no matter what level of success you’re currently enjoying, what you feed your mind can make the difference between stagnating and skyrocketing your growth. Throw on some Career Talk while you drive to work, do the dishes, or go for your run, and I can just about guarantee that you’ll get new ideas and motivation to implement immediately.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think!!

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