The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is the world’s most trusted and most widely used personality assessment. It can be one great lens, tool, and springboard to choosing and creating the career and relationships you want. Many people choose to take the MBTI® during a time of transition.

Many people have told me that their MBTI® discovery process changed their lives! This tool can help you understand why you do the things you do, including how you communicate, make decisions, deal with change, experience and act under stress, resolve conflicts, lead, and much more. It can also help you understand why others act the way they do, and help you to work with, communicate with, partner with, and influence others more effectively.

The MBTI® will add a rich additional perspective to the discoveries you make during your career and relationship work.

How it works:

  1. Contact me to customize and purchase your assessment package.
  2. Once you purchase the assessment package, within 24 hours you’ll receive instructions for taking your assessment.
  3. You’ll take the assessment online. It takes most people between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.
  4. During your first scheduled interpretation session, you’ll receive a copy of your report, so you’ll want to have access to your computer and an internet connection during the session.
  5. Your interpretation sessions will help you understand your MBTI personality and put your insights into action.


One Client’s Experience with the MBTI

“The experience of working through my MBTI personality assessment with Carrie was a truly empowering and enlightening experience. I have always considered myself a very self-aware person, but my assessment proved that there are so many facets to that self-awareness, many that I wasn’t aware of. Through our work, we spoke extensively about the difference between ‘real selves’ and ‘ideal selves.’ I was amazed to learn that I was presenting my ideal self AS my real self, and that was the source of much of my internal conflict. 

Once I came to accept my true preferences in terms of energy, processing, and communication, I started to see the ways in which I was overcompensating. Our work helped me to accept certain facets of my personality more fully. 

One one hand, I felt that the assessment summed up my unique qualities – there are so many ways to measure preferences and characteristics, it’s hard to believe any two people could be the same! However, at the same time I felt validated, knowing that many other people work the same way I do, and see the world in a similar fashion. 

I envision the outcomes of my assessment helping me in my personal and professional life. Understanding my own personality better will undeniably help me to be a better employee. If I can use this knowledge to work smarter and use my strengths wisely, I can accomplish so much more. I also look forward to putting this knowledge to use in my relationships. Not only did my assessment clear up how I communicate and see the world, it helped me to understand how other types of people do so as well. Instead of dealing with someone very different from me and thinking, “I have no idea where this person is coming from,” I can use what I know about certain types and try to gain some perspective and empathy. I hope, in fact, to share this information with my significant other in the hopes that it improves our communication. 

I cannot overstate the insight and validation that this assessment provided me. I had an incredibly fun experience working through this with Carrie! She is adept and gathering essential information and making keen insights, infused with her fantastic sense of humor and bubbly personality. I genuinely enjoyed doing this work with Carrie and I know that her unique gifts as a coach helped me to access this information in a personal and meaningful way. “