Group Programs and Classes

The Life Workshop (Get it Done Group)

The Life Workshop, or TLW, is a “GET IT DONE” group in which you get the accountability, support, and insight of a community as you work on anything you want to get done. As a member, you have the opportunity to attend sessions via Zoom up to four times a week. We open with a tool, concept, exercise, discussion, or activity that will help you approach your goals more effectively and connect with others in the group. Then, with the accountability and support of your fellow Life Workshoppers, you’ll dive in and tackle the task you want to complete. We come together at the end to celebrate accomplishments and troubleshoot challenges. This group brings you the community and structured support you need to help you get it done! Any tasks are fair game–career transition goals, work projects, life projects, creative endeavors, housework that you just can’t seem to make yourself do otherwise–whatever you want to complete. This group has previously only been open to my private clients. For the first time ever, there are spots available for new members!

Learn more about The Life Workshop and meet some of our members!

The Life Workshop is currently closed to new members. Limited spots will open for new members on June 17, 2024, for membership in the next cycle. To be added to the waitlist for the July 1-August 4 cycle, email me at

If you’d like to jump on the phone with me for 15 minutes to help decide if The Life Workshop is right for you, grab a time on my calendar here.

SPEAK! Design and Deliver Programs with Confidence and Impact

In this five-week program, you’ll learn concepts and tools you can implement immediately to lead both in-person and online experiences with more confidence and impact. This experiential program is for speakers, coaches, facilitators, trainers, leaders, educators, and anyone who wants to create and deliver powerful programs or group sessions. As a globally acclaimed speaker, coach, facilitator, educator, and professional improviser with 25 years of experience designing and delivering robust programs for diverse groups, I know firsthand the game-changing power of combining improvisation, coaching, and teaching skills and insights on the speaking stage–whether that’s a literal stage, a classroom, or a boardroom. I have mapped out how I design and deliver my programs, and I’m sharing all of my best insights and tools with you so that YOU can get your message out into the world. Whether you want to speak from the stage to hundreds or thousands of people, facilitate trainings and offsites, or run better everyday meetings in your organization, this course will help you be your most confident, effective, impactful self. 

Learn more about SPEAK!

SPEAK! is currently closed for registration! The next cohort will be limited to 14 participants! To be added to the early notification list when the next cohort opens, email Click through the slides to get all the deets about SPEAK!

If you’d like to jump on the phone with me for 15 minutes to help decide if this course is right for you, grab a time on my calendar here.

Improvisation for Coaches, Leaders, Consultants, Educators, Facilitators, and Trainers

In this 8-week deep dive, you will learn and practice key concepts and skills of improvisation that will help you to be more effective in every aspect of your work and life. Your work centers on helping others to reach their highest potential, and your job calls for constant improvisation. Most people think improv is a skill you’re born with or not. The truth is that the principles and skills of improvisation can be learned—and practicing those skills can help you and those you support to improve your performance in every aspect of work and life. As you learn and practice the fundamental principles and skills of improvisation, you will develop coaching, consulting, teaching, and leadership competencies in an entirely new way.

Like all humans, you are a creature of habit, subject to your own filters, learnings, ego, and awareness gaps. By stepping out of your default patterns and comfort zone and engaging in true collaboration, you will experience greater freedom, creativity, listening, presence, power, willingness to take risks, self-awareness, and insight about others. When you embody the improvisation approach, you will dramatically enhance your communication skills and your presence. As a result, you will transform your and your relationships and your results with your clients, your team, those you teach or lead, and everyone in your life—including yourself. 

This course is limited to 14 participants and meets over Zoom. To add your name to the first-notification list so you’ll be among the first to have the opportunity to snag a spot the next time this course is open, email me at