Workshops for Thirtysomethings

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THIRTYWHAAAT?™ Navigating Your 30s When You’re Still Figuring Out Who You Are 

Are you moving through your 30s feeling behind the curve? Are you in a job or relationship that doesn’t feel right, but you’re scared to make changes? Is dating exhausting you? In this experiential workshop, we explore the unique experiences and challenges of the thirtysomething in transition and the most common blocks that keep us at a standstill. Through discussion, exercises, and demo coaching, you’ll discover where and why you are stuck and create a plan of action. Walk away with greater clarity — and strategies you can implement immediately in your career and relationships! Book this workshop.


HELP! How to Ask for What You Want 

Do you have trouble asking for what you want? Are you so afraid of rejection or seeming needy that you can’t ask for help? Do you feel guilty asking others to do things for you? Do you resent your partner, colleague, or friend for not “just knowing” what you need? In this experiential workshop, you will learn the 7 major blocks that stop people from asking for what they want, explore the impact they have on your goals and relationships, and learn how to break through the blocks and improve your personal and professional life. Book this workshop.

Talk to Me: Improvisation for Singles, Couples, and Professionals 

Do you get tongue-tied on dates, or get so caught up in trying to be interesting that you lose track of the conversation? Do you and your partner want to improve your communication, but the exercises in couples therapy just aren’t doing it for you? Do you freeze up every time you have to do a presentation or have an important conversation at work? In this experiential workshop, improvisation games and exercises will help you to develop your presence, trust, and listening skills and become a more confident on-your-feet communicator. You are also 99% certain to laugh and have fun. Bring your friend, partner, or just yourself. No experience necessary! Book this workshop.


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