Group Coaching

Through private coaching, I get to work with so many awesome thirtysomethings to help them figure out and create what they want in their careers, relationships, and lives. And I love working with individuals!

But I want more people to have access to this stuff. Because when we’re going through transitions like this, we need tools and support–someone to believe in us and help us figure it out.

And I want to connect people to a larger community of searching thirtysomethings and almost-thirtysomethings. Because when we’re going through transitions like this, we NEED the support of a community with people who are going through the same stuff.

That’s what my group programs are designed to provide.

In my group coaching programs, I take you through the tools, strategies, and processes I use with private clients –AND you get the bonus of what I wish I’d had back when I was going through my own thirtysomething panic—a community of other people who are asking the exact same questions and figuring it out with you.

If you aren’t ready or able to invest in private coaching, my group programs are the most affordable way to get these tools and do this work.

If you’re questioning your career, your relationship, or what the hell you are doing on this planet, please join me for a group program. We will help you figure it out.

A lot of struggling thirtysomethings think there’s something wrong with them—that they’re the only ones who haven’t “figured it out.”

If you are feeling not “normal” because you’re questioning where you should be in your career, relationship, home, or any other aspect of your life—well, that’s normal, too. A LOT of people are going through this, and a LOT of people are questioning whether they’re normal to be experiencing what they’re experiencing.

Join a group of thirtysomethings who can relate to what you’re going through, providing a sense of community, camaraderie, and support! You may make new connections that will expand well beyond the group program.

Contact me to inquire about group programs.

Learn about one of my group programs, my annual Thirtysomething Summer Camp.