Introductory Session

Congratulations in making this investment in yourself! I am so excited to work with you. 

The introductory session is a 90-minute session in which we’ll explore your goals, identify any obstacles that could be getting in your way, and discuss the process we can go through and approaches we can take to help you achieve your goals. If it feels like a great fit, we’ll make a plan to continue from there. It’s my intention that you’ll leave the session with more clarity, confidence, and motivation to make your goals happen, as well as a decision about whether we are the right fit longer-term. You’ll call me at 602.684.2458 for our session.

To reserve your introductory strategy session, please pay for your session by clicking “Buy” and completing payment via Stripe, and then fill out the intake form below. Please take care to read the terms of service.

As soon as I receive your payment and form, I’ll hold a time for you and send you a questionnaire for you to return to me before we meet; the questionnaire will prepare us both for your session.

Intake Form
Please carefully read the terms below.

The service to be provided is coaching, which is not advice, therapy, nor counseling and may address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in the client’s life and/or profession. Coaching is a designed alliance that helps bring out the best in the client and helps the client create and live the life they want to live.

I understand that coaching is not the same as therapy, counseling, mentoring, or consulting. I understand that coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I understand that coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment and I will not use it in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.

I understand that I am free to accept or reject any suggestion(s) or request(s) made by the coach at any given time, and that I am fully responsible for my own decisions regardless of what ideas, information, or suggestions may be offered. I agree that, in the event if any claim or grievance by me, my sole remedy will be the return of the fees paid. Carrie Spaulding is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages beyond the total amount of fees paid by the client.

I understand that coaching session information will be held as confidential unless I state otherwise, in writing, except as required by law. I understand that Carrie keeps all client contact details in a computer record, along with a coaching log of the dates and number of hours spent in our coaching sessions. The coaching log is submitted to the International Coaching Federation as part of the professional accreditation process. Confidential information, such as the content of our sessions, will be recorded in private session notes and will not be included in the ICF coaching log.

I understand that certain topics may be anonymously or hypothetically shared with other coaching professionals for training or consultation purposes, or in resources (oral and written) for other clients.

I understand that my sessions will be conducted at Carrie’s number, 602.684.2458, and I, as the client, will call Carrie at the agreed upon time. I understand that I must give 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel a session, and that I will be charged in full for sessions canceled, missed, or rescheduled without 24 hours notice. This policy may be waived on a case-by-case basis at the coach’s discretion.

I understand that I am responsible for all fees for services provided to me. I have read, understand, and agree to comply with all policies on this page. By signing this document, I indicate that I have reviewed, understand, and agree to comply with the policies in this disclosure statement/agreement, and that I consent to coaching for myself or my child.