Relationship Coaching

Reboot Your Relationships

“What if I never find anyone?”

“I want to get out there, but dating terrifies me!”

“I can’t stop thinking about him/her. I’m smart, successful, and independent—so why am I letting a breakup control me?

“My friends all moved or had babies. I’m lonely. It’s so much harder to make friends in your thirties…”

“My relationship doesn’t make me happy and is clearly not the right match—so why can’t I let it go?”

“My partner/kids and I can’t communicate.”

“Okay, I’m ready to come out. Now what?!”

“I keep dating the same wrong person with a different face.”

“Now that we’re all grownups, I don’t know how to ‘do’ my relationship with my parents. And the fact that they’re aging is terrifying me.”

“I seem to rub people the wrong way, and I’m not sure why.”

Relationships are some of the most fulfilling—and most challenging—parts of our lives. And transforming our relationships completely transforms our lives.

Whether you are seeking to thrive in your current relationships, create positive new relationships, or navigate the ending of a relationship, coaching can help you move forward.

I specialize in helping thirtysomethings with relationship situations and challenges like:

  • Communication
  • Dating—how to get out there and hold onto yourself in the process!
  • Making new friends in your 30s 
  • Decision-making/resolving relationship ambivalence—should you stay or should you go?
  • Recovering from a breakup
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Navigating challenging professional and collegial relationships
  • Improving or reinventing your relationships with family and friends
  • Helping your kids build resilience and navigate social/emotional challenges

Relationships bring out the best and the worst in us! Few things in life are more overwhelming than navigating a tricky relationship challenge or dynamic.

With the right mindset, clarity, strategies, and tools, though, you can create the fulfilling, healthy, satisfying relationships that you want.

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