Is Coaching Right For You?

“Working with you has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself. Hands down. I just wanted you to know that even though I’m struggling, I know I wouldn’t be doing nearly as well without all the great tools you’ve given me. Thank you.” —Erin

Want to know how to work with me? Trying to decide whether to hire a coach, and me in particular? I bet you have a few questions.

What is coaching?

In a Nutshell

Coaching helps you reach your highest potential by figuring out exactly what you want and designing and taking strategic action to make it happen.

Sounds Awesome. Details, Please!

I’m here to help you get unstuck and play not just bigger, but also better. Our work may focus on one area of your life in particular, such as your career, your relationships, or your home, or it may focus on multiple areas of your life.

Together, we’ll get you from where you are today to where you want to go (even if you’re not sure where that is yet!). My clients get crystal clear on who they really are and what they really want (as opposed to who or what they or other people think they should be or want) so that they are truly living their lives “on purpose.”

Coaching challenges you to focus time and energy to actually DO what you want and need to do, and gives you the clarity, support, confidence, motivation, and accountability you need to create the life you want. We’ll design a plan together, based on your values, goals, and dreams, and then break that plan down into small, manageable steps. Our partnership will help you follow through on those steps, break through obstacles that sabotage you and keep you stuck, and keep moving toward the career, relationships, and life you love. As needed, I’ll (lovingly) kick your ass and I’ll hold your hand.

Here’s something super-important: When we’re making big changes, we need both reflection and action to succeed. Too often, people get stuck in one without the other. My coaching process is designed to make sure you are doing both effectively, so you’re not stuck in paralysis by analysis or overwhelm or procrastination, but you’re also not just jumping on the conveyor belt of life, acting by default, and letting life’s curveballs pull you off-track.

This is brave work—you are going to accomplish a LOT!—but my clients tell me it’s fun, too. We’ll find the humor and joy in the journey. And we’ll get you moving immediately towards the life you want to live—so you’ll start building momentum and seeing improvements very soon.


As a private client, you get:

  • Personalized strategy sessions, assessments, and tools to help you get crystal clear on what you want, why you’re stuck, and what action steps you need to take
  • Week-to-week support breaking down your big goals into manageable pieces
    • Weekly 50-minute phone coaching sessions
    • Email access between sessions—for check-ins and “Triple A” support
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Processes to help you identify and break through the roadblocks that get in your way of success


Contact me to schedule an introductory coaching session.

Why do people decide to work with a coach?

Here are some of the reasons you might choose to work with a coach:

  • You’re trying to figure out what you want and how to make it happen.
  • You want to make big changes in your life, but are stuck and need help breaking through blocks like fear, confusion, and inertia.
  • You want a sounding board—someone to help you think through and process your feelings and thoughts in a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental place—and a mirror—someone to reflect what you are saying and doing.
  • You want to go beyond talking and start doing—taking action every week to actually create sustainable changes in your life.
  • You are trying to make a major decision and need help getting and sorting information and identifying and weighing your options.
  • You want a partner—someone to help you feel less alone as you work through a challenge or transition, to support and champion you and share the journey.
  • You want a cheerleader—someone to inspire you to do things beyond what you thought you could do and celebrate your progress.
  • You want a “project manager” for your life—someone to help you keep track of all the different components of your life and goals; to help you break down overwhelming projects or tasks into small, manageable steps; AND to hold you accountable for accomplishing the steps.
  • You need help balancing the realities of your day-to-day with the big picture of your life, so you don’t lose the forest for the trees, or the trees for the forest!

Why do people decide to work with Carrie?

Chances are, just clicking through my site, you already have a gut feeling of whether or not I could be a good match for you. My clients often tell me that they felt a “click” from the get-go. They start because of the click and continue because of the results.

Read about me, read my blog, explore the site, check out the stories of people who have worked with me, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me by telephone or email. You can also click to learn more details about thirtysomething panic coachingcareer coachingrelationship coaching, and my amazing get-it-done group, The Life Workshop.

If you are ready to create the career, relationships, or life of your dreams, I am ready to help you.

The best way to find out if we’re a good fit is to schedule an introductory session.

This is a specially priced session that will help you to:

=> get clearer on your goals and vision for a thirtyAWESOME life, so you know what you want and where you’re headed

=> uncover any challenges that could be slowing you down or sabotaging you

=> assess how ready you are to achieve your goals right now

=> get an overview of the process I use with my clients, which will give you a picture of the steps you need to take (so that whether you work with me or do this work on your own, you’ll be able to laser focus on taking the steps you need to get you where you want to go)

=> and leave the session with more energy, motivation, and commitment to really make your goals happen.

No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, this session is the perfect next step to get you there.

Contact me to schedule an introductory coaching session.

I have more questions!

Check out my FAQ page


Learn more about thirtysomething panic coachingcareer coachingrelationship coaching, and The Life Workshop.

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