Raising Resilient Children

Raising Resilient Children:
How to Help Your Child Navigate Conflict and Build Social and Emotional Skills and Strength

10-Week Virtual Class and Coaching Program for PreK – 8 Parents and Educators

Tuesday evenings, 8:30 – 9:45 PM EST/EDT
February 10 – April 28, 2015 [no class on 3/24 or 3/31]

  • “What do I say when my son comes home crying?”
  • “When do I get involved with my daughter’s social drama, and when do I let her work it out for herself?”
  • “How do I get my kids to talk to me about what’s happening at school?”
  • “How do I stay objective?”
  • “How do I talk to the teacher and other parents without rocking the boat?”
  • “What if MY kid is acting mean?”
  • “How do I help my children help themselves?”

Are you overwhelmed by the social drama your child brings home?

When you see tears in your child’s eyes at the end of the school day, do you feel helpless yourself?

During this 10-week virtual class with Carrie Spaulding, certified professional coach and former teacher, you will learn and practice concepts and concrete strategies that will transform your approach to helping your kids resolve their problems.

You’ll learn essential steps to helping your child navigate conflict and build resilience.

Because this is a virtual class, you can attend via telephone from anywhere in the world. 

Get tools that you can use not only with your child but also with your partner, colleagues at work, and in every area of your life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Handle your child’s social challenges in a way that promotes resilience, self-confidence, and resourcefulness
  • Calm yourself when your child is hurting so that you can respond in a way that will best support your child
  • Shift from a “fixer mode” to a “facilitator mode” so that your child builds essential skills and self-esteem
  • Ask the “right” questions in a way that helps children open up and share what matters most
  • Use intentional, positive, and responsive language that will directly impact your child’s outlook and personal accountability
  • Teach your child to work skillfully with his or her own thoughts and emotions
  • Help your child develop an action plan and build a team of supporters
  • Support and guide your child when he or she is being unkind to others
  • Apply the skills you learn to your communication with teachers and other parents (hint: these skills will also help your communication with your partner, friends, and anyone in your life!)
  • …and more

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Structure of the Program

This program comprises five modules.

Module 1: Foundations of helping your child navigate conflict and other social challenges

Module 2: Now We’re Talking – Listen and communicate effectively with your child using empowering language

Module 3: Getting Stronger Every Day – Help your child build specific resilience skills and competencies

Module 4: Putting Your Child in the Driver’s Seat – Help your child design an action plan

Module 5: We’re All in This Together – Building and communicating with a supportive team

This sounds like EXACTLY what I need! Give me details!

What do I get?

  • Ten 75-minute sessions with opportunities for active participation and questions (use your phone to call in from anywhere)
  • Workbook with exercises, tools, and scripts to help you apply the material and practice the strategies between sessions
  • Access to a recording of each call so you can listen again and again
  • The camaraderie and support of other parents
  • A private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants between sessions and after the program is over

Where is it?

You decide! You’ll call in to class on your phone from wherever is convenient for you—your home, your office, your car—anywhere that fits your schedule. Before the course begins, you’ll receive an email with your personalized dial-in number and PIN code.

What’s my investment?

The course fee is $395 (an incredible value for what you’ll get!). Your spouse, partner, or co-parent may register for just $195.

Educators are welcome too!

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Why are you teaching this course? Where did this material come from?

I’m passionate about supporting you as you support your children.

Before coaching and facilitating workshops for parents and teachers, I was a classroom teacher for 9 years. I used to internally freak out when I saw a kid coming to me on the playground with tears in his or her eyes. What now? I’d think. My heart would pound and all I wanted was for the situation to go away. Can’t they all just get along?! I would desperately wish.

I saw that my students were hurting and I knew it was my job to help. But I felt helpless myself.

How am I supposed to handle this? I wondered.

This class is the result of more than 12 years working with that question. Believe it or not, helping kids navigate social and emotional problems became my favorite part of my job—and it became what I was known for by other teachers, administrators, parents, and kids alike.

My work helping kids and parents build resilience was among the most important work I did as a teacher.

I firmly believe that social and emotional resilience are keys to success not just in childhood, but in LIFE; therefore, I believe that the skills you’ll learn in this class are the most crucial skills you need for supporting your children’s development.

What’s your experience?

I was a schoolteacher for 9 years, and a drama and improvisation teacher and director for many years before that. I’ve worked in PreK-8 public and private schools, ranging in approach from traditional to progressive, with students from a wide diversity of backgrounds and resources.

In addition to teaching all of the standard academic subjects, I’ve worked with hundreds of parents, children, teachers (individuals and teams), and administrators around:

  • communication
  • supporting kids with their social/emotional challenges
  • helping kids develop resilience, self-confidence, resourcefulness, and self-efficacy
  • taking care of yourself while taking care of your children or students
  • creating inclusive and positive curriculum and school culture
  • leadership

I’m a certified professional coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. As a coach, speaker, and seminar leader, I’m able to continue sharing my passion and expertise to help parents develop the same confidence and skills that helped me work effectively with so many children. I’ve spent the past three years translating the work I did in the classroom into this toolkit to give you.

My other specialty is coaching thirtysomethings on career and relationship goals. You can learn more about me at www.carriespaulding.com.

What are parents and educators saying about Carrie’s seminars?

“Wonderful! Eye-opening. I feel relieved to have these tools.” —Parent

“Incredibly insightful and useful. Very grateful!” —Parent

“Reaffirming. I found myself switching between my parent/principal hat. You offered many, many important and

practical tips.” —School principal and parent

“Very helpful, practical tips.” —Parent

“Reaffirming, reinvigorating, reinvesting in how to best handle conflict resolution with children (and adults!).” —Administrator

“Really reframed my thinking about working through conflicts with my students. I am actually looking forward to working through this new process.” —Teacher

What did parents, students, and educators say about Carrie’s work in the classroom?

“Carrie has a unique ability to make someone feel like they are one of the best people on the planet – but that because they are so great they should work that much harder, since they obviously have the ability to become even better.” —Parent

“I didn’t used to have any confidence.… Now I feel so much more comfortable. I feel like I can trust myself. I’m so much more confident.”  —Student

 “A noted strength of Carrie’s is her relationship building.… She is patient, sensitive, and empathetic. She encourages students to become more self-reliant, find their voice, and offers a safe haven or trusted ear to rely on.” —Supervisor

“Carrie … established an effective rapport and chemistry early on. Carrie was uniquely effective at pushing [the student] outside his comfort zone while also making sure he always felt safe and confident enough to take risks. We believe strongly that Carrie immediately understood [the student]—and coached him in such a way as to bring out the absolute best in him. We could not have been more thrilled with his experience and how much he developed and grew—as a learner and a person.” —Parent 

“A strength of Carrie’s is to know each of her students as individuals. She takes the time to know and appreciate them as unique learners and social beings. This helps her target her instruction as well as social interactions in thoughtful and purposeful ways.” —Supervisor

“Carrie had a deft way of connecting with her students, bringing out the best in each one.… Carrie was also an excellent communicator. Conferences were meaningful and helpful.”—Parent

“With her innate inter- and intra-personal intelligence as well as consciously developed strategies, Carrie has successfully coached numerous children and their parents. Over the years Carrie has helped me numerous times to reframe issues I’ve had with my own students, given me suggestions of ways to talk with their parents, and helped improve the wording of some of these issues in the narrative reports we write.” —Fellow teacher

“Carrie and I taught in the same classroom together for several years, and I know from personal experience that she is able to communicate with students … in a way that is clear, caring, discreet, and effective.” —Fellow teacher

“She has been creative, passionate, and focused. As a result, the … learning experience has been positive, thought provoking, and dynamic. Carrie has been attuned to her students’ needs and interests, understood their different abilities, and was welcoming of individual personalities. Carrie has been supportive and encouraging, offering advice, coaching and support to each [student]. This has helped to build strong bonds of trust and respect between her and her students.”


“Carrie provided teaching and guidance that was extremely effective for the emotional and intellectual work [the student] needed to accomplish…. She had a low-key attitude that was well suited to not overwhelm [the student], but she matched that with high expectations…. With Carrie’s guidance [the student] learned how to be more personally responsible for her own academic work, and also became more proficient in academic skills. In particular Carrie’s fun and creative approaches…engaged all of the children and I think helped ease their transition into the increasingly tough … work they had to do during the year.” —Parent

I’m in, Carrie! 

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Carrie Spaulding is a certified professional coach who brings more than a decade of teaching experience to her mission of helping people of all ages build resilience. Through individual coaching, group coaching, and seminars, she helps people create the lives and relationships they want.

Carrie has helped hundreds of parents, students, and educators with communication, leadership, building resilience through social and emotional challenges, and creating a positive and inclusive school or home culture. 

Visit Carrie’s website at www.carriespaulding.com