From Lab to Garden to Car Lot to Massage Studio: Carrie Spaulding, CPC Interviews Diane Matkowski

Diane Matkowski
Diane Matkowski, LMT, HHC
Freedom Massage

“I had no idea what I was going to do…I had zero plan… Now I realize what a gift it was.” 

Meet Diane Matkowski. She has been a lab aide, a landscape gardener, a car salesperson, a massage therapist, and a business owner.

Join me as I talk to Diane about her multi-stop hop on a career path that led to opening her own business.

Are you thinking, “I could never do that!”?

Well, Diane had nooooo idea that would ever be possible for her, either.

Listen to this interview and plant some new seeds to help you in your own journey.

We talk about:

  • her decision not to go to college, and her education “on the streets”
  • finding the gold in jobs that could have been “just a job”–and how these unlikely jobs perfectly prepared her for her calling
  • how to follow your intuition–and the newspaper that changed her life
  • her humbling experience getting feedback from an employer who turned out to be one of her greatest mentors–and the game-changing dare he gave her
  • how she learned to listen and let go of judgment
  • how a gathering she organized to expand her social circle changed her career forever
  • her decision to invest in herself with what “at that time was a crazy amount of money”–and how it turned out to be the best money she ever spent
  • how she opened Freedom Massage, a beautiful massage studio and oasis in Malvern, PA
  • how to deal with fear

I can tell you what we talk about, but I can’t tell you how inspiring Diane is! You’ll have to listen for yourself.

Listen now, or download to listen later–and then, book your massage! (After you get to know Diane, you’ll totally want her to be your massage therapist!)

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