Time, Money, and Doing Life

Prioritizing. Procrastination. Proactivity. Presence. If you feel overwhelmed by the everyday aspects of doing life, the free resources on this page will help you look at your life with fresh perspective, help you find happiness right where you are, and, when necessary, lovingly kick you into gear.

How to get out of bed in the morning

If you’re engaged in a never-ending battle with your alarm clock, you’re not alone. Get to the bottom of your eternal challenge, and learn how to break the snooze button habit.

Want to make more money? That’s okay. 

Many of us carry shame and frustration around our money habits, situations, and desires. Get a great resource to help you unpack your own money stories.

How to take goals off your plate

Are all of the unaccomplished items on your bucket list haunting you?  Are you starting to feel burdened by all those things you told yourself—or others—you’d do “someday”? I have the perfect tool for you.

When perspective leads to guilt and shame

We often feel guilty for mourning our own challenges and losses when they seem to pale in comparison to those of others with “REAL problems.” Learn the both-and approach to deal with your experiences and perspective constructively.

How to stay mindful

If you would like to maintain a mindfulness practice or incorporate meditation into your life, but you “don’t have time,” this could be a great resource for you.

Take 5

Only have a few minutes? These quick exercises will help you generate fresh ideas and perspective.

The Not Enoughs

How to be happy now

Do you long for that “someday” when the grass will be greener–or that “once” when it was? In this article, you’ll get a powerful exercise to help you shift your perspective when the present feels crappy in comparison to the golden past or the imagined future.

How to snap out of your “glass half empty” mindset

Are you focused on everything that’s not right, or that you don’t have? Here are three questions to help you switch from lack thinking to abundance thinking.

How to go on vacation right now

Do you need a break? When is the last time you really took one? Whether or not you love what you’re doing, the packed days can feel overwhelming when there’s no rest in sight. Here’s how to pull on the brakes.

Break through Procrastination

Break it down, baby!

Do you feel “behind” on your goals? The bigger, scarier, more time-consuming, or more overwhelming a task feels, the more likely we are to make up and believe compelling stories (read: excuses) for why this is not the right time to get started—we’ll do it later! Here’s a strategy you can use the next time you think “I should,” “I need to,” or “I want to” about a task and feel the urge to procrastinate.

How to deal with that nagging task

Read this article for a powerful tip to help you improve your daily productivity and mood.

The one tool every procrastination-fighter needs

This unassuming little tool unlocks massive productivity potential.

How to make procrastination work for you

Here’s an unlikely way to get you going: put the enemy to work for you. I share a secret I learned from my college dorm room, and teach you three ways to make your procrastination work for you.

Want to get into action on a huge goal, or develop a new habit?

Get in shape. Get organized. Get a social life. Figure out your career. Be nicer. Have more fun. Spend more time with friends and family. Get out of debt. Lose weight. Help others. Now—are you overwhelmed, disillusioned, or discouraged yet? Read this article to learn how to get into action on your big, scary, ambitious, overwhelming, inspiring goals—one tiny step at a time.

Recommended Reading

Here’s one of my favorite resources to help you break through action’s archenemy (dun dun dunnnnn!): procrastination.

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