Reboot Your Relationships

Relationships bring out the best and the worst in us! Few things in life are more overwhelming than navigating a tricky relationship challenge or dynamic.

With the right mindset, clarity, strategies, and tools, though, you can create the fulfilling, healthy, satisfying relationships that you want.

Check out these free resources to help you get through breakups and improve your relationships.


Make Your Relationships Rock

Do you throw relationship tantrums?

Here’s how to deal with a particular form of very bad relationship behavior.


How to make new friends

Let’s face it—putting yourself out there to make new friends can be scary. Here are five ways to put yourself out there.


What to do when everything feels up in the air

Do you feel totally ungrounded and lost in the face of your changing relationships? It’s scary when it feels like a big part of your identify is shifting, and you don’t even know what it’s shifting to. Read this article to learn a little game to help you find your ground when a big question mark is looming over you.


Help! I’m jealous!

Find out how to use that much-resisted, oft-damaging emotion, jealousy, as a tool to help you improve your relationships.


How to deal with someone who drives you crazy

Does your job or activities require you to spend time with someone who continually pushes your buttons? Here are six tips for tricking yourself out of annoyance and into proactive transformation.


How to have fun with your family

Want a new way to bond with your family during your holiday gathering? Are the old standbys getting stale, or do you find yourself wishing for ways to go beyond stories you’ve heard hundreds of times and learn more about your family? Here are three games you can play that don’t require more than yourselves and, in one case, scraps of paper and pens.


How to be your own Valentine

Going solo? Here are 7 ways to create a love-packed day for yourself.



Read these articles to help you help your child thrive at school, navigate social challenges, and build resilience.


Break through your Breakup Rut

Dealing with toxic thoughts

During a breakup, the same old thoughts tend to run through our heads on a spin cycle. Here are some of the most common and compelling toxic breakup thoughts, along with the reasons why it’s time to kick them to the curb.


How to Let go

I share my total-180-approach to help you when you just can’t seem to “let go” of a situation–a breakup or anything else–that’s keeping you stuck.


How to Survive an attack of the Never-Dids

Obsessing over all the “things you did and didn’t do” with your ex? That’s normal. Here’s how to deal with it.


How to heal emotional pain

Whatever it is that’s got you down, do you wish you could just get over it? Read the story of the major breakthrough I had once upon a time when I was lying in bed recovering from surgery–and recovering from something else at least as painful–a broken heart. You’ll learn a technique to help you heal your own emotional pain.


How to deal with disappointment

Read this article to learn a strategy to help you through breakups, career disappointments, and other high-pain periods–a strategy that works whether you are 7 or 77!


Wish you’d decided to leave that wrong relationship sooner?

Read this article to learn a 6-step process to banish the guilt and self-punishing and help you turn that doomed relationship into one of the best things that ever happened to you.


Stuck in a breakup rut?

Here are 15 ways to get out from under the mountain of *sniff* tissues.


When to walk away

Read this article to learn the no exceptions, bottom-line, non-negotiable reason to accept your breakup (or dating disappointment) and walk away.


What to read when your heart is broken

Nursing a broken heart? These books can pull you out of the doldrums…or just keep you company while you’re there.


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