Tools for Transitions

Change can be exciting and totally necessary. It can also be overwhelming and suuuuper scary!

These free resources will help you move through your fears and roadblocks so that you can make real, lasting changes (and feel less alone in the process).

Onward, intrepid transitioners!


How to make change NOW

Trying to make a change, but don’t have enough money, time, credentials, or help? Read this article for a powerful exercise to get you in motion.


How to deal with regret

“I just wish I’d figured this all out sooner.” “If only I hadn’t wasted that time in my 20s, I’d have it all together by now.” “Why did it take me so long to see this?” If you’re beating yourself up for lost time, hurry up and read this article!


How to get through the holidays when everything’s up in the air

The taking stock, the updates, the comparisons, the family dynamics… No doubt about it—the holidays can be particularly poignant when you’re in transition. Here are seven steps to take care of yourself when you head home for the holidays in a perfect storm of transitions.


Read this when you feel uprooted…

Inspiration for those ungrounded times.


Feeling Lost

What to do when everything feels up in the air

Do you feel totally ungrounded and lost in the face of your career change or relationship transition? It’s scary when it feels like a big part of your identify is shifting, and you don’t even know what it’s shifting to.
Read this article to learn a little game to help you find your ground when a big question mark is looming over you.


Feel less alone

Do you feel really alone in your transition? You don’t have to be. Listen to the stories of other people who have been in the scary, confused place you’re in now—and have come through to the other side. 



How to Survive an attack of the Never-Dids

Obsessing over all the “things you did and didn’t do” in your career or relationship? That’s normal. Here’s how to deal with it.


Wish you’d decided to leave that wrong relationship or job sooner?

Read this article to learn a 6-step process to banish the guilt and self-punishing and help you turn that doomed relationship, career, or other situation into one of the best things that ever happened to you.


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