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Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of returning as a guest on Dr. Dawn on Careers (previously titled Career Talk), a call-in career advice program on SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School. The host of the show, Dr. Dawn Graham, is the Director of Career Management for the Executive MBA Program at Wharton AND an all-around awesome human. Here we are in the studio!

Career Talk with Dawn and Carrie

I highly recommend that every single one of my readers and clients check out this FREE resource. …

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How to Get Lucky

Are you ready to get lucky?

“Some people have all the luck.”

“I’m just unlucky in love.”

“She just got lucky.”

Is luck a story you tell yourself?

How empowering is that story?

Yes: some things come down to the luck of the draw.

You can’t control what you started out with.

Sometimes good (or bad) things happen to you that could have just as easily not happened to happen.

You can’t control certain aspects of who you are, even if you wanted to.

Right now, though, I want to focus on the things you can control.

If you “get” these 9 things that are totally within your control, chances are you’ll get lucky, too. …

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Declaring Interdependence

On this fourth of July, I’m thinking a lot about interdependence.

I’ll tell you a little (soon-to-be-former) secret:

I have been dealing with a problematic home situation for some time now.

I won’t go into all the hows and whys of my particular challenges, but suffice it to say it was time to make that sh*t a priority.

My stuff—and my life—just aren’t working optimally in the space I have!!

Instead of feeling warm, cozy, inviting, and open, my home has been feeling cramped, squished, blocked, and totally not aligned with my otherwise thirtyawesome life.

I’ve never been blessed with strong spatial imagination skills.

While I consider myself a very creative person, I am not someone who walks into a physical space and immediately sees the optimal arrangement or the possibilities.

After too long living in this draining environment, it became clear:

I need help. …

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