On Not Liking Yourself Very Much Lately

Do you feel not-so-crazy-about-yourself these days?

Are you seeing yourself acting again and again in a way that doesn’t line up with who or how you want to be?

When you start to recognize that it’s been a while since you felt good about yourself—like, since you thought, for the most part, yeah, I’m pretty great!—here’s a powerful turnaround for you:

On some level, feeling this way is an indicator that some core part of you KNOWS you are not living up to your potential.

That part of you KNOWS you can do more, be more. You know what you’re capable of—and you know that you’re capable of more than this.

[Hard to get on board with that? Then try this: you know that humans in general are capable of more than this, and you know you’re a human. Equipped with all the humany potential you need.]

That’s why you’re disappointed in yourself.

In a way, then, being down on yourself tells you that there is a part of you that loves you too much to see you limiting yourself like this.

That part of you wants you to shine, to contribute, to act, to decide, to start, to finish, to laugh, to experience joy—to show up as your best possible self.

In other words, it believes in you. And it wants you to step. the. eff. UP.

So next time you hear that “you suck” voice from yourself, try hearing the cheerleader message wrapped inside that nasty wrapping paper.

Replace that “you suck” message with, “I love you. I believe in you. I see you. And I know you can show up better than this.”

Then ask yourself: “What’s one little step I can take to show up for my life the way I want to, to move forward, to step into my potential, to be who I want to be?”

And take that step.

P.S. Having a really hard time kicking your inner critic out of the driver’s seat? I can help. In fact, helping people kick their inner critics to the curb—or at least get their hands off the wheel!—is one of my specialties. Schedule a private coaching session today.

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