Are You Bringing Your A Game? (a Super-Simple Strategy to Get More Done)

Do you have the feeling that you could be accomplishing soooo much more than you are?

I had a day like that recently.

I did some important things—had an awesome foundation session with a new client, Skyped with my mom (we are determined not to fall out of touch!), and completed some writing…but I still felt a little underwhelmed with my productivity.

Looking back on the day, I knew that some potential had slipped through my fingers.

So I woke up the next day determined to GSD*.

I used a strategy that I think might help you too.

Sometimes a very simple question, repeated, is enough to create a huge shift.

If you’re finding yourself pulled down by lots of time bandits, give yourself a little targeted tough love. Here’s a simple question to ask yourself throughout the day:

Is this ___ part of my A game?

This one question, stubbornly applied, can have a massive impact on your personal accountability.

Here’s what this question does: it automatically brings an image into your mind of what an “A player” would do—what the best version of yourSELF would do. A vision of what you COULD choose to accomplish.

This can inspire you to action.

This question can be rephrased as:

Is this an A-game action?

Is this what an A-player would do?

…and so forth.

Here are some examples:

  • Is this TV show part of my A game?
  • Is skipping the gym going to help me play my A game?
  • Is this open tab in my browser going to support my A game? [Nope. CLOSED. Nope. CLOSED!]
  • Is eating (or not eating) this breakfast going to prepare me to play my A game?
  • Is avoiding that phone call/email what my A-game self would do?

Use this simple question to get going—and make the MOST of this precious, unrepeatable day.

P.S. Want another take on this idea? Check out my Miley Cyrus test.

*Get shit done!

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