Need Advice? Kristin and Dannielle Tell You How to Be Vulnerable, Love Yourself, Laugh More, and Be Who You Are

Carrie, Kristin, and Dannielle

“You are not the only person feeling the feelings that you’re feeling. You’re not the only person struggling with [these] issues…you’re not alone.” —Kristin Russo

“You have to learn to love yourself for a million different reasons.” —Dannielle Owens-Reid


I know that lot of you are asking yourselves one or more of these HUGE questions:

I get that vulnerability is important—but it’s so hard!! How do I make myself vulnerable enough to connect to people and be honest about who I am—even when it’s scary to be my real self?

How do I cheer up and find laughter and happiness, even when everything sucks?

How do I learn to love and accept myself?

How can I get help with questions I’m too embarrassed or afraid to ask?

How do I quit my day job to follow my purpose and forge my own path?

How do I come out or transition when I’m already in my thirties?

My kid just came out to me…OMG. What do I do?!?

You are in major luck: I have some amazing answers to every single one of these questions for you. …

Spring Fever, or Spring Forward? How to Use Spring Break to Help Your Child Finish the School Year Strong

Whether you’re going on an active adventure, relaxing on a remote beach or in a quiet cabin, staying cozy at home, or visiting extended family, spring break is a perfect opportunity to connect and reflect with your child in a relaxed, connection-fostering setting.

Understandably, many parents wait until the end of the school year to take stock of their children’s progress. While it’s totally natural to associate reflection with an endpoint, waiting for the end of the year is a major missed opportunity for a couple of reasons. …

Why Conflict Is Awesome

“She’s being mean to me!” “He did it on purpose!” Many of us get knots in our stomachs from trying to untie the arguments and tricky social dynamics our children get into!

When the question “How was school today?” brings tears to your child’s eyes, it’s only natural that you want to do whatever you can to help. Chances are, your instinct is to solve the problem, and do it fast—to prevent your child from having to feel any more pain. This is totally normal and understandable! However, if you are always the fixer, your child will learn that others have to fix problems for him or her.

Instead of fostering learned helplessness, help your child develop empowerment and a sense of agency. Asking for help is important—but it is just part of what an effective person does to take care of him- or herself. Here are six foundational concepts to help you lean into the powerful growing opportunities presented by social conflicts, and get in a “facilitating” vs. “fixing” state of mind. …

The Power of Your Language: 5 Tips for Talking to Children about Conflicts

When it comes to helping our children or students navigate conflict, our language is so important. Even when you’re not aware of it, children will often pick up on your energy and mirror it. A conflict can easily escalate or de-escalate based on the language a helping adult uses.

When you bring awareness to your language, learn and practice key communication skills, and intentionally choose language that empowers your child, you’ll completely transform the way your child experiences and navigates conflict.

Here are five tips to make your communication with children more positively impactful and empowering, even in the most difficult and painful moments. …