How Bad Do You Want It?

I used to think that people who created certain things—who built businesses, or were on the radio, or wrote books—were fundamentally a certain kind of person.

A kind I certainly wasn’t.

As if there was some sort of predestination involved—and I was not one of those people.

Because who the hell am I to think I could do that?

I always felt I had something inside me to share on a bigger scale, but it seemed downright silly or deluded to even share that feeling with myself—let alone anyone else!

Everyone and their mother thinks they have a book in them, I thought.

But one day, I was in the shower, listening to an interview of a researcher/writer on NPR, feeling a slight twinge of envy, and suddenly, I had a Duh Moment (this is my term for an Aha Moment that seems obvious to the point of idiotic in retrospect):

The only difference between me and the people doing things is that they did it and I didn’t.

Or they are doing it and I’m not.

When I thought about starting my business, or writing my book, I realized:

If I never do this, it won’t be because I couldn’t.

It will be because I didn’t.

On some level, the way to do something is to do it.

Does that sound obvious?

That “duh” can change your life.

I’ll say it again:

The way to do something is to do it.

Doing it means getting past the shame of daring to think you could do it.

Doing it means risking putting your dream out there instead of keeping it safely guarded—flawless, but only theoretical.

And doing it means making small choices every single day that add up to IT over time.

I’m here to tell you that you can do it.

The question is…how bad do you want it?

Do you want it bad enough to stop doing something else and start doing it?

Do you want it bad enough to do it instead of just thinking about doing it?

Do you want it bad enough to dare to do it even though you can’t predict or control how it will turn out?

Do you want it bad enough to do it even if it means being vulnerable?

Do you want it bad enough to learn the things you need to learn, ask the questions you need to ask, and lay the groundwork you need to lay?

Do you want it bad enough to fail…and do it again?

Do you want it bad enough to eat the food that will nourish you and keep you energized?

Do you want it bad enough to get yourself to bed early, or up early?

Do you want it bad enough to go to the gym when you don’t feel like it?

Do you want it bad enough to do it instead of sinking into Netflix- or Hulu-based procrastination marathons?

Do you want it bad enough to be self-compassionate when you falter (i.e., when you do sink into a Netflix- or Hulu-based procrastination marathon), and to gently and firmly nudge yourself back onto your path?

Do you want it bad enough to ask for help, and get the support you need when the going gets scary?

You have a voice that needs to be heard. You have something to share.

For you, that sharing may not come in the form of a business or a book or a rock band or a YouTube sensation.

But whatever it is, it’s yours.

And the world is waiting for it.

If you want it and you’re not going after it…

If you know, on some core level, that you have it in you, and you’re not putting it into action….

Remember this:

The only difference between people who are doing it and you is that they are doing it, and you are not.

So far.

You get to decide.

Every moment brings you the opportunity to make a choice.

If you’re ready—if you have decided to do it, and you want it bad enough, here are three questions to kick you into gear:

1. What environment inspires you?

Figure it out and then get yourself to that place religiously. And when you’re there…do it.

2. What habits keep your energy optimal?

Identify what you need in terms of sleep, food, exercise, and emotional or spiritual well-being, and make those things non-negotiable. And when you’re energized, you’ll be at your best…to do it.

3. Who motivates, supports, and inspires you?

Surround yourself with those people. Be friends with them, hire them, read what they write and listen to what they say. And then remember that if they can do it, you can, too.

And do it.

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