Are You Coming Out to Your Family? You Need to Know About This.

K and D with puppetsFor many people, Thanksgiving is a chance to spend time with family.

That means laughter at old family stories, the joy of reunion…and often, a lot of awkwardness.

And if you or someone in your family is coming out, or struggling with gender identity or sexual orientation, a whoooole nother layer of family dynamics is involved.

Is your heart pounding as you pack your bags to go home for the holidays, as you imagine telling your mom, dad, or sibling that you’re gay or trans?

Are you gearing up to come out to your family and the others in your life?

Or did you already come out or transition, and you’re struggling in the aftermath, dreading sitting at the dinner table with parents who won’t accept or even acknowledge your sexual orientation or gender identity?

So many people use the holiday season to come out to their parents and families, and this time of year can be full of family tension. I’m thrilled to share an amazing resource with you to make it easier.

Meet Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo, founders of Everyone is Gay.

(Noooo, of course they don’t actually think that everyone is gay! Watch to learn the meaning behind the title.)

In this interview, Dannielle and Kristin (who, herself, came out over the Thanksgiving table) share advice on how to come out, be vulnerable, find the funny in the most awful situations, deal with workplace awkwardness, and help your parents get the help they need to support you as their LGBTQ child.

Want to support other LGBTQ people and their families, and support Everyone Is Gay? Spread the word by sharing this interview, and visit them here.

Photo from Everyone Is Gay used with permission

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