Why You Need to Share Your Scary Goals

Who’s cheering you on?

I’m gearing up for an opportunity I never imagined I’d have, and it got me thinking:

How do we take care of ourselves when we’re venturing into new territory?

When we’re going for something that we really want?

If you are doing something a little scary that really matters to you (and I hope you are—because that means you’re growing!!), tell at least one person what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and that you are scared.

Here’s why:

1. If it doesn’t go quite the way you hoped, you’ll have someone to debrief with—someone who knows that it’s a big enough deal to give you some TLC afterwards.

2. If when it DOES go awesomely, you’ll have someone to call and go “Eeee!” and that person will understand why this accomplishment is major cause for celebration!

3. Having someone supportive to talk to helps you strategize and think through your plans, see what you can’t see yourself, and draw on your own strengths.

4. Telling someone your big, scary, audacious goal holds you accountable for moving forward and taking action. When you get a case of the “oh-just-forget-its,” knowing that someone else knows your goal can keep you on track.

5. Sharing your scary plan also means that you have someone cheering you on—someone to give you a pep talk and remind you of why you’re doing this, anyway, and why you’re going to do a great job in those moments you doubt yourself.

6. Big growth and conquering new frontiers inherently require you to be vulnerable. Sharing your dream with someone takes huge courage, and is a big step into that vulnerability. Being brave enough to share about it can help feed your courage to do it.


As I’m getting ready for my own exciting opportunity, I’ve had two people—my cousin and my coach—to help me strategize, to check in on how things are going, and to cheer me on.

And I know they’ll be celebrating with me when I complete my mission.

What awesome, scary thing are you planning to do (or working up the courage to do)? Share with US so we can cheer you on.

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