Interview: From Barista to Fundraiser

“I thought I would do things that made me happy, but I never once imagined any of them making me any money.”

Rae and I discuss her career journey from “slinging coffee” to being a non-profit fundraiser, and how she ended up finding her passion in a job she landed in—a path she describes as “random, to say the very least.”

You’ll hear about:

  • the importance of champions and mentors
  • identifying and packaging your transferable skills
  • how to make yourself happy (she’s talking to you!)

Listen now to learn how Rae transformed her career by changing the way she thought about it, and turned the one thing about herself she’d always worked around into the very thing that makes her excel.

Rae’s advice? “Ask yourself what’s going to make you happy outside of everything you think that you should be doing.” Smart lady.

(Heads up! This interview contains language you may not want your 4-year-old nephew to hear.)


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2 thoughts on “Interview: From Barista to Fundraiser”

  1. I listened to this interview while I cooked on Christmas Eve. It seems to me to provide such a great example of how a will to act and serendipity can work together toward a surprising and satisfying outcome. Carrie is a perceptive interviewer, and Rae is a hoot. Both instructive and entertaining.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Julesbeth! Yes–it is so fascinating how once you’re in action, synchronicity inevitably shows up. I find it inspiring how much “luck” appears once we get clear enough on our goals to start to create (and spot) opportunities for ourselves.

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