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6 Videos That Will Cheer You Up, Inspire You, or Maybe Even Change Your Life

It’s stunning how just 6 well-invested minutes can transform you.

Once in a while I come across a video that breaks open my mind—or my heart—in the most wonderful way.

Each of the videos that follow has the power to create a huge shift in me and in many of my clients.

I turn to them for different reasons—when I need comfort; when I need to be brave; when I need to look beyond my own world; when I need to snap out of a pity party; when I want to get out of my head, get out of the future, and get out of the past, and just be right here in this day.

The next time you need a shift, give yourself a 6- to 22-minute gift and watch one of these videos.

What are the most powerful videos you’ve seen? Post the link to YOUR favorite inspiring video in the comments.

Vulnerability and Shame

Body Language

Before I Die

Zach Sobiech


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